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  • How to Jump-start Your Sponsorship Strategy in Tough Times
    How to Jump-start Your Sponsorship Strategy in Tough Times
    by Gail S. Bower
Success Story

Philadelphia Academies, Inc.

How Bower & Co. assisted this education organization refresh its image and strengthen its influence.

Gail, your work with us is really helping us think more strategically about how we communicate.
Lisa Nutter, President, Philadelphia Academies, Inc.
Gail really taught us how to think differently about our messages.  She didn’t do it for us which allowed us to learn how to do it on our own.
Crystal Seitz, President, Greater Reading Convention & Visitors Bureau

The plan was very valuable in helping to build marketing and promotion into our organization's culture. You helped the entire staff think about incorporating marketing and communications into all of our events and achievements.

Pam Weisz, Director, Corporate Sponsorship,

It's refreshing to hear a marketing professional discuss basic principles in easy-to-grasp terminology that leaders from any walk of life can understand.  Many non-profits will benefit from your marketing know-how.

Amy Angelilli, Founder,The People-Pet Partnership


Okay, You’re Communicating ... Is Anyone Listening?

Consumers, donors, members, and visitors have more ways than ever to tune in to your message. And just as many ways to tune you out. 

If you find that what used to work no longer does – no matter how many followers you have, or how often you post updates, or how many emails you blast into cyberspace – you need a smarter way to engage and hold your audiences’ attention. 

Bower & Co. knows how.

We have proven methods that help you connect and communicate more powerfully – strategies that enhance the customers’ experience, improve the impact of your materials and campaigns, align your marketing and business development efforts, and expand and engage your customer base.

It’s all about becoming more meaningful to your customers, constituents, clients, donors, members, and event audiences. 

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