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  • How to Jump-start Your Sponsorship Strategy in Tough Times
    How to Jump-start Your Sponsorship Strategy in Tough Times
    by Gail S. Bower
What Clients are Saying
Gail, we have had such fun with the information you taught us! You’ve created little BowerPowers.
Elaine Livas, Executive Director, Project SHARE
I would not have been so emboldened and focused had it not been for what I learned and experienced at Ms. Bower's workshop.
Lawrie Parker, Executive Director, Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center

We learned how to shift from a needs-based pitch to an asset-based presentation, and how to coordinate corporate sponsorship with development efforts.

Beatriz Vieira, Executive Director, Lutheran Settlement House

We learned the importance of not underselling our ‘products.’ It’s built capacity by training staff to raise money in different ways.

Glenna Harkins, Development Assistant, Lutheran Settlement House

The steps, A to Z, to finalizing a corporate sponsorship, and expanding my mind on marketing opportunities. I feel more secure in my ability…

Susan Parris, Chief Financial Officer, Lutheran Settlement House


Sponsorship Workshops and Training: 
The Skills You Need to Succeed. 

Once upon a time, corporations contributed to non-profit organizations for community goodwill. Today, more than 60% of corporations expect benefits in return. It’s no longer “corporate giving.” It’s sponsorship.

Smart organizations— local events and festivals, non-profit social change organizations, and cultural institutions—see corporate sponsorship as a way to generate new revenue. 

Unfortunately, sponsorship is not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Developing this revenue source requires skills and insights critical to helping you navigate the tricky terrain of corporate sponsorship.

Is your organization up to the challenge?

You will be with Bower & Co. at your side.

With more than 25 years’ experience developing sponsorship and strategic partnership opportunities with some of the country’s leading marketers, Gail Bower’s training and workshops will improve every facet of your corporate sponsorship programs. 

Bower & Co. will custom-tailor a sponsorship learning environment for your staff. 

For Sponsorship Sellers, we’ll help you:

  • Learn the difference between “corporate giving” and “sponsorship” and how to make them work side-by-side for your organization.
  • Help you identify your organization’s “sponsorable” opportunities and what attracts corporations to them.
  • Create and develop sponsorship programs that meet the needs of corporate partners.
  • Discover the secrets for building strong, lasting relationships with corporate partners. Generate ideas for new opportunities.

For Sponsors, we’ll help you: 

  • Develop a strategic approach to investing in corporate sponsorship and partnerships with nonprofit organizations.
  • Maximize your investment and realize its full potential.
  • Evaluate your organization’s current sponsorships and suggest ways to improve them.
  • Develop realistic expectations for your ROI and how to measure it.

Bower & Co training and workshops are ideal for executive and senior management, development staff (nonprofits); marketing and public relations staff; event staff; retail or field management and anyone who wants to know how to handle sponsorship better. 

To learn how your organization, event, festival, or business can benefit from Gail Bower’s Corporate Sponsorship Training and Workshops, call Gail at 215/922-6937. Or write to