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Start by giving thanks.

A couple weeks ago my friend, colleague, and writing buddy Val Jones, hosted a fun event to celebrate publishing her first book, Nonprofit Hero, which teaches board members how to be successful fundraisers. She quizzed us on a few startling statistics. Do you know the top three reasons why donors stop giving?

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A Lesson on Lessening Earned Income Tax Liability

An important member of your advisory team on earned revenue is your accountant or auditor whose ideas and counsel can save you surprises at tax time. For insights about tax and other planning issues, Gail Bower turned to colleague Bruce W. Braunewell, Principal at CliftonLarsonAllen LLP.

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Is your marketing director ripping you off?

One of the most important functions in your nonprofit organization is your marketing department. Are you investing adequately or throwing resources down the drain? If you're serious about your mission and strategy, read on.

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Ideas for Engaging Members

My friend Beth Brodovsky gave membership organizations a huge gift when she created her podcast, called Driving Participation, now in its 137 episode!

If your membership organization is looking to jump-start 2017 with some ideas about what works to engage members and build your organization's brand, check out the podcast, and in particular, this week's episode.

Beth synthesizes ideas from sixteen guests — including myself — about what worked in 2016.

Thank you, Beth.

As you bring 2016 to a close, I hope these ideas inspire you for 2017. Happy New Year!