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Outsource or in-house? Selling corporate sponsorship

If you’re like many leaders of nonprofit organizations and associations, you’re considering all your options to diversify your revenue and realize rapid results.

Download a free tool to help you decide whether to engage an external sponsorship sales broker or use internal staff.One option you may be considering is corporate sponsorship, sold in-house or through an external sponsorship broker. If you’re having difficulty deciding which path is most appropriate, download this decision tree to guide you.

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Underlying customer service skills

A fundamental tenet of customer service is to ensure that the customer feels heard. You may not agree with the customer. You may have other plans or operations at work that are not in alignment with what the customer is saying. However, allowing your customer’s comments and perspective to be heard and acknowledged — that you empathize — is where to begin to create a great experience of your brand.

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How's YOUR brand?

Today's fast-paced environment challenges organizations to keep up. It also demands that we as individuals stay ahead. Your personal brand is one of your most important assets. How is your brand? Fresh, relavent and competitive? Or could it use a little inspiration? Meet Dorie Clark for some pointers.

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My client asked me to #GetNaked

Imagine my surprise when I opened an email from my client’s organization, and the message encouraged me to #GetNaked. “Don’t be shy,” the message said.

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What not to do with your marketing

Check out this hilarious video on generic advertising imagery and messaging. Then take a look at your own materials. Are you distinct or are you at risk of sliding to the generic side of the spectrum, which makes readers/viewers/web visitors' eyes glaze over?