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Stop worrying about the new tax law

If your individual giving dynamic is solely based on donors receiving a tax deduction, you’ve got bigger problems to worry about.

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The metrics that matter for your team's performance

If your seller is busy making lots of calls to the wrong types of leads —companies that are inappropriate or too small for the opportunities you have to sell, for example — he or she will struggle to achieve the ultimate goals. On the other hand, a seller who pays attention to this data, who doesn’t waste his or her time on the wrong opportunity, and who works to improve his or her persuasiveness is likely on the path to meeting annual goals. Find out more about what you need to pay attention to.

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It's the moment for your business to lead

Do you have the courage to be a hero in your community?

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What is your ROM (Return on Mission)?

For too many businesses, mission or purpose is either a passing fad to motivate their sales teams or a jumble of marketing jargon on their web sites. Companies with real mission commitment know that mission is a strategic imperative, as important as marketing, sales, talent acquisition, and other key performance drivers. They also know their ROM, or Return on Mission. What’s yours?

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Rules or guidelines?

Are there rules in your organization that are actually undermining the experience of your brand? Take a look at the impact of following rules vs. using good judgment.

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