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    How to Jump-start Your Sponsorship Strategy in Tough Times
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The magic of commitment: keep yourself moving forward

The year is coming to a close, and if you need some last minute encouragement, to propel your commitment to a new venture or building revenue for a current one, read on.

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Start by giving thanks.

A couple weeks ago my friend, colleague, and writing buddy Val Jones, hosted a fun event to celebrate publishing her first book, Nonprofit Hero, which teaches board members how to be successful fundraisers. She quizzed us on a few startling statistics. Do you know the top three reasons why donors stop giving?

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What you need to turn mediocre sponsorship results to meteoric

What I’m about to share with you is really important if you want to increase your unrestricted revenue through corporate sponsorship. Your success with corporate sponsorship boils down to simultaneous acceleration of 8 key drivers. If any of these drivers is subpar, your results slip, stagnate, or suffer.

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The Revenue Riddle

You know how when you—or a significant woman in your life—pull a necklace out of your jewelry box and somehow it’s so tangled that it’s shriveled up beyond recognition? Getting your organization's revenue straight can feel just like untangling that necklace.

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How are you fueling new ideas in your organization?

Being open to new ideas, to learning, experimenting, and evolving is a competency each of us needs to have in our careers as the external landscape and new information comes at us faster than ever. Find out how it translates to business growth.

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