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Know your audiences

Your organization likely has a database, an email list, or at the very least a big spreadsheet of names and addresses. How much do you really know about these individuals? Find out the value of segmenting and really understanding your customers, donors, and broader audiences.

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How expensive is that pro bono service?

It sounds like a dream to find someone to do something your organization needs but that you don’t want to pay for. I’m sure there are plenty of success stories. But there’s a flip side.

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Happy New (Fiscal) Year! Start with Strength

Now more than ever, no matter what your role is in an organization, prioritizing time to reflect, evaluate, recalibrate, and even let go of activities and priorities is essential. The pace of life, along with the sheer quantity of tasks and information, has the great potential to keep us distracted. Here's checklist to help you launch the new year with strength and calm.

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Insider info for executive directors: Growing audiences who love and support your mission

Marketing needs to be an ongoing, strategy-fueled activity in your organization, and too few organizations are investing in effective approaches. How do you know if your approach is effective? And what can you do to improve?

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Why you should create some fake news 

Today was one of the first mornings in a long time that I read the news and smiled. I actually couldn’t wait until my partner woke up so I could share this fleeting moment of amusement with him. Amid the daily pummel of catastrophes was an article about real fake news.

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