The magic of commitment: keep yourself moving forward
November 26, 2018
Gail Bower in Assets & Revenue, Change, Flourish, Leadership, Strategy
Sunday was a perfect autumn day—sunny, crisp, and colorful. I met a friend for coffee and cut through a park to get to the coffee house.
As I entered the park, a guy was jammin’ away on his guitar, singing as loudly as his vocal chords would go. 
Here’s what I heard:
If all I can see 
is the worst in everybody 
that’s all I’ll get for me.
How true.
I’ve been working with lots of clients lately on new ventures. 
And selling.
And the uncertainty that comes with that terrain.
It’s easy to think you have no control, that you’re powerless. Especially when your calls go unanswered. And you imagine you’ve been ghosted.
It’s easy to feel discouragement. I’ve certainly faced my fair share.
When we hit that feeling of powerlessness, we might momentarily want to see the problem as out there. To see, as the singing guitarist said, the worst in everybody. 
At other times we experience that nervous anxiety, whose flip side is excitement, when we imagine a big success. What if it doesn’t come through? But what if it does?
Whatever you experience, it’s normal and all part of the process.
The key is commitment.  
Commitment to staying the course despite the ups and downs. To taking the next action. And the next.
The next call. And the next. 
Building relationships. Meeting new people. Deepening client relationships. Expanding your value. Learning. Resting. Getting better. Reflecting. Clearing the negativity.
Staying focused on what you can control.
These river gauges are anchored to their spot in the river, unshakeable despite currents, debris, sun, or stillness.See these gauges in the river? 
They’re staked to the ground.
As the river and wind flow by, they bend and move.
Debris crashes into them. The sun beats down. Then the river is calm.
Through it all they remain in their spot, measuring the water. Committed.
That needs to be your stance.
If you’re starting something new that scares you, take one small action after another. Balance the excitement and the fears. Take note of the questions, the gaps in your knowledge, the risks that your fears may be illuminating.
When you’re faced with a challenge, especially when you’re selling, pause and figure out what’s happening. What might be causing someone to not return your call? Maybe you need feedback. Get it. Then adjust and keep moving.
This week, aim to be like these gauges. Lay your claim to your domain. Get really good at it. Gracefully weather getting tossed about by the currents. Make a deep commitment to your venture or initiative and to yourself. 
I'd love to hear from you. What's causing difficulty for you? What's feeling scary exciting for you? Where do you have uncertainty, questions, gaps, fears? And what actions are you taking, evidencing your commitment.


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