The Revenue Riddle
October 11, 2018
Gail Bower in Assets & Revenue
 Solving the Revenue Riddle can be a lot like untangling a wadded up necklace.
You know how when you—or a significant woman in your life—pull a necklace out of your jewelry box and somehow it’s so tangled that it’s shriveled up beyond recognition? 
It happened to me recently when I pulled a necklace out of the washing machine. I didn't realize it was in a pocket.


Just looking at it, you get that feeling of anxiety surging through your chest. How will you ever transform it back into your favorite necklace?

You pull one strand, and it tightens the knot.

You pull something else, it starts to move, and you think, “Yes, this is the strand that will release it all.” 
But then farther up the chain, a new knot clamps up.
It's a never-ending series of knots, like a giant piece of chaotic macramé, that make you want to scream.
That whole tactile-emotional experience? That’s how my clients feel who come to me to help them solve The Revenue Riddle. 


If they take this action, it causes that unintended consequence. If they move in that direction, this happens.
Again a never-ending series of pulling threads that only tighten the knot, increase frustration, and cause you to feel more and more boxed in.
So you avoid the problem—just like the tangled up jewelry—and live without the revenue that could be flowing in.
Here’s the thing. Before you start pulling strands, you have to loosen up the knots. Get a little air and space in there until you begin to see your challenge more clearly.

That's exactly what I help my clients do. I help them sort through these various threads. Open up the knots that are choking off creativity.

Then, you realize this piece goes over here. That piece goes under there.  

And soon enough, your necklace — and Revenue Riddle — is untangled. 
My question for you this week: What would it look like to give your own Revenue Riddle some air so you can better see the right strands to pull?


You know that putting your Riddle aside is not going to solve it. Facing it head on will only cause you to feel frustrated and confused. 


Sorting and aerating is the only way. 


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