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Lead Us, Please. How to educate us, build a community of supporters, and combat #fakenews.

Chaos, turmoil and divisiveness. For many, these words describe the state of political and cultural affairs in the U.S. right now.
Politics aside, how are you taking advantage of this situation?
While some people may be in a constant state of fretting, some blissfully ignoring reality, and still others satisfied with the new reality, a group of visionary organizations is stepping into the void as leaders.
And that’s where you want to be, too.
Leverage this turmoil to increase visibility for your organization. As someone in history said, never let a good crisis go to waste. (The quote has been attributed to Niccolò Machiavelli, Winston Churchill, and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who was a senior advisor to former President Bill Clinton.)
As I’m telling my clients, if you’re not leveraging this moment in time, you’re wasting an excellent opportunity to lead your community, raise your profile, and attract new opportunity and resources.
With the proliferation of media, charges of fake news and Russian interference, decline of scientific literacy, government interference with and omission of news and data, and people believing whatever they want, we’re living in a post-fact world, despite our legitimate journalists, educators, and scientists’ (among others’) best efforts.
That’s where we need you.
You and your team see a slice of life, of culture, of the marketplace, of humanity from a distinct perspective. Perhaps your organization focuses on education. Or reproductive healthcare. Or poverty. Or disaster relief. Or the environment. Or children.
Whatever your specialty, you have expertise that we need to hear.
Use your voice and share what you see to guide your community and the greater public. To share facts. Data. Stories. Solutions. The way forward.
A silver lining of the divisiveness may be your organization’s ability to be heard. To establish a leadership role. To shine a light and illuminate the road ahead.
When we believe you, trust your perspective, we have confidence that your way will lead to results and solve a problem. That’s what society is looking for right now.
Now is your opportunity to find your voice and raise it. Guide us.
Here are 3 actions you can take:
  1. Determine what needs to be said in your industry and how can you frame these topics.
  2. Define why these messages are important in the long run.
  3. State what people should do with this information that only your organization can provide them. (Hint: Don’t default month after month to asking for a donation.)
If you can focus your communications efforts and develop compelling ways to engage us, you will. Followers, funders, volunteers, and evangelists will be sure to follow.
Wondering how your organization can seize control over the chaos? I can help. Give me a call at 215/922-6937 or email me at From a short brainstorming session to a more in-depth strategy development or simply serving as your trusted advisor, I can help you stand out more boldly and lead your community.


Originally published in BowerPower Papers, fall 2017. Sign up to receive Gail's insights right in your inbox. 

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